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Security & Surveillance

CCTV & Access Control Products, Gate Barriers, Sliding Doors & Intercom Services

Information Technology

Structured Cabling, Telephone System, Server Setup, Backup & recovery, IT Security, Virtulization, Wifi System

Web Designing & Hosting

Domains, Hostings, eCommerce, Static, Dynamic Websites, SMO & SEO Solutions

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Security and Surveillance

Our surveillance system company offers consulting, installation and service for all major brands in the industry backed by our on-site warranty. Our experts have over 15 years of combined experience in security and surveillance. We use a consultative approach to determine the best solution for your current and future needs, always keeping your budget in mind. We offer the following systems and their respective components:

Business surveillance systems
Security camera systems
DVR security system
Access control system
Gate access control systems
Door access control
Network cabling services
Security consultants

IT Security Solutions

IT security is a cornerstone of any great system.

Our cyber security services are designed to keep you secure without impacting on the experience. Our cloud-based management console remove the requirement for management servers, reducing initial cost and infrastructure complexity. Your devices stay up to date and more importantly safe wherever they are. We provide threat analysis and 24×7 monitoring to reassure your business of their security status.

Firewall and Antivirus solutions
(Fortient, Sonicawall, Cyberroam, TreendMicro, Symantec, Kaspersky)
Penetration Test
Synchronised Security

Structured Cabling

Networking is at the core of any IT system. When it is not working correctly, it affects all areas of your business. We created our network services with this in mind. The best way to maintain a content network is to proactive approach its upkeep. We deal with small issues before they become significant problems. We use industry leading tools to monitor the health of your network which provides a clear overview and allows us to stay one step ahead.

Health Check
Security Testing
Fault Finding

IT Support & Help Desk

Our IT help desk has been built from the ground up to serve the needs of our clients. It includes a sophisticated web portal where your IT champions can manage support tickets. They can also review IT assets, check our FAQ or generate reports from our list of useful templates. All our support clients have access to this platform as standard.

Reliable devices allow our clients to just get on with their work. We install a powerful health and maintenance agent to all workstations and servers FREE as part of our support contracts. We build quality right into our services, thus maintaining healthier devices and happier clients.

Clients choose if they would like to receive regular proactive site visits for any tasks that can’t be completed remotely. The number of users within your business dictates the number of visits we recommend. We tailor our support contracts to suit your business needs and your IT budget.

Web Designing & Development

Don’t let your website be just another URL on the web. We can help it be a powerful marketing medium to attract prospective customers.

With over 6 years in the business of developing creative, conversion focused websites, we are well-poised to help your business make a mark online.

Fully Responsive Websites
Web Hosting
Static, Dynamic & eCommerce Websites
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization

Good websites get applause. Great websites get business.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

A reliable backup is one of the most important parts of a successful system and is a requirements of any business. Disaster Recovery (DR) is suited to businesses that need to guarantee their service availability which is the majority these days. Our solutions are your knight in shining armour when all else fails. We provide on-premise and cloud solutions to suit any business.

Collect & Protect
Safe Site

Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer to you consistent and prompt maintenance service all through. Our team of experts is always there to resolve your issues promptly and troubleshoot the problem onsite. We give equal priority to all kinds of IT issues. In addition to just solving the issue, our experts get out of their way to prescribe preventive measures to our clients at pre-defined intervals.

IT Servers, Workstations & Laptop maintenance & support services
Wireless network integration
Anti-virus & Firewall security solutions
Virtual Private Network Solutions
Access Control
Gate Barriers
Sliding Door

Microsoft Server Solutions

Today we have a significant Microsoft professional services business specialising in core Microsoft technologies both on-premise and cloud – Exchange, Skype for business, Office365, Azure, SharePoint, System Centre as well as the core Windows server, Active Directory identity Hyper-V and desktop operating system technologies.

Dedicated Microsoft Practice within the business
Microsoft gold Certified in a range of key technologies
Significant pool of battle-hardened consultants & system architects
Focused & dedicated to delivering quality solutions on time and on budget


Physical security devices were not designed to protect virtual infrastructures such as virtualized data centers and private and hybrid clouds. Such “traditional” security controls depend on physical devices deployed on the perimeter of the data center or on physical networks. They are not well-suited to protect virtual assets for two main reasons:

A new virtual network fabric, often blind to physical security devices
A new threat surface: the hypervisor
An all-powerful virtual administrator, collapsing roles
Machines becoming files, leading to mobility, rapid change and opportunity for theft